Frequently Asked Questions


emCall is the patented mobile emergency response service that was designed for smartphones. with emCall, you the medical or police help you need faster and more effectively than any other service. 

Below are a few frequently asked questions (FAQs).

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What kind of emergencies does emCall help with?

emCall supports two types of emergencies:

  • a medical alert for when you need an ambulance and

  • a panic alarm for when you need police.

Both alarms transmit who you are, where you are, and what kind of help you need to our private 5-Diamond certified professional monitoring center 24/7, from anywhere in the United States. 

How do I purchase emCall?

A monthly subscription is required to use emCall. There is no hardware to buy and no long-term commitment. Interested? click here

I signed up but I did not get a welcome email from emCall. What can I do?

There is a chance our welcome email went to your junk, spam, social, or promotional email folder. The subject line of the email will include "emCall". Still need help? Contact us here 

Where can I find the app?

What makes emCall unique?

emCall’s patented Medical Information Transfer Screen (MITS) technology was specifically designed for your smartphone. The health-related information that you enter into our highly secure system automatically displays your custom MITS after you triple-tap the medical alert button.

You can include details like pre-existing health conditions, last COVID-19 test, medical devices, insurance, preferred doctors and hospitals, prescriptions, allergies, and DNR contact instructions. 

When you send a medical alert, we transmit this information back to you, creating a MITS screen on your phone. This screen stays displayed for first responders, preventing the phone from locking unless you actively choose to lock it. When paramedics arrive they have a huge head start seeing your personal medical profile!

Is my private information secure?

Yes! The important health and personal information you enter will be safeguarded in our secure servers. It is not stored on your phone where unauthorized people might be able to access it.

What if I get a new smartphone?

Simply install the emCall app on your new phone and sign in.
Since your information is securely stored on emCall servers, and not locally on the phone, it will be immediately available on the new phone after you sign in. 

Can I use my phone after I have tapped an alarm?

Yes. After a panic alarm has been sent you can use your phone as you normally would. After a medical alert has been sent your Medical Information Transfer Screen (MITS) will automatically display on your phone and prevent your phone from locking. You can minimize the MITS screen and use your phone as you normally would. Reopening the emCall app and re-expanding the MITS screen will prevent your phone from locking again. 

Are there fees for false alarms?

Yes. However, emCall has a Test Mode so you can familiarize yourself with all of the features of the emCall app and not incur any fees for false alarms. Tap the button that says "Alarms: Armed" and select "Test Mode" to test the alarms without incurring fines. No real alarms will be sent when you are in Test Mode. 

We provide a 15-second cancellation window when your alarms are armed to avoid false alarm fees. However, some jurisdictions may still dispatch help. 

Any fees you may receive for a false alarm that cannot be canceled are regulated by the local first responder jurisdiction and are your responsibility. 

How does emCall know where I am?

emCall uses your smartphone's location settings to transmit your phone's geolocation to our private monitoring center. 

When installing the app select "While Using the App" to allow emCall to access your location while firing a medical alert or a panic alarm.

You can also go to your smartphone's "Settings," tap "emCall," tap "Location," and select "While Using." 

Make sure to enable "Precise Location" to use your specific location. With this setting off, apps can only determine your approximate location. 

Will emCall track me if I am in a moving vehicle?

Yes, provided there is a reliable cellular signal. emCall only tracks you after an alarm is sent. When you send a medical alert or a panic alarm, emCall continues to send our private alarm monitoring center your location every few seconds for one hour. 

Can I use emCall if I am hiking or camping in a remote area?

emCall will work anywhere in the United States where you have a reliable cellular or WiFi signal. 

Will emCall work with WiFi?

Yes, emCall will work if your phone is connected to WiFi.

Where should I put the emCall app on my smartphone? 

After downloading emCall, you should put it on your smartphone main navigation bar or in the most easy to access place on your smartphone's home screen.

Will emCall work with my smartwatch? 

iPhone watch and Android wearable extensions are in development and will be available in 2021.